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Trend Insight “designs. inspirations. innovations.”

My review of the blog “Trend Insight” ‘is a blog that offers creative design, inspiration, and innovation. Moreover, this blog also gives important information about the various ideas that are packed with unique design, simple, and attractive making it easier for people were seen and not caused boredom.

Blog “Trend Insight” featuring a collection of creativity through the menu bar consisting of: Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide.

1. Classic
Posts that shows a picture / video with description. Intended for readers who are interested in reading the article, accompanied by a picture or video that can inspire and give more imagination. We can also provide comments or share via facebook and twitter.

Untitled 1

2. Flipcard
Posts that shows a picture / video interface with a unique square shape is small, when touched by the cursor will turn into The title of the post, when clicked a pop up window will appear that contains more of the posting is complete.
Intended for readers who want to see a picture with a detailed description, especially the title that will be faster to find.

Untitled 2

3. Magazine
Posts that shows a picture / video with a magazine layout. Recent posts displayed by the interface seems to be the headline of a magazine. Intended for readers who do like the style of reading magazines everyday.

Untitled 3

4. Mosaic
Posts that shows pictures / video are shown at random. In the sense that varying the size of the interface to make all the posts into different sizes. When opened, the interface will change in size and each interface has a preview of a different size. Intended for readers who want to see the different perspectives.

Untitled 4

5. Sidebar
Posts that shows a picture / video with the line on the left side. Posts that you click will open in the main page. Intended for readers to see the post quickly and provide the choice of which make it easier for readers to find out what the purpose of the reader.

Untitled 5

6. Snapshot
Posts that shows pictures / videos in templates such as Polaroid photos and have descriptions of the title of the post under the photo. When we click on the photo will enlarge, the photo provides information that describes the post. This feature ditujukuan for readers who love photography as Lomography enthusiasts.

Untitled 6

7. Timeslide
Post that showa pictures / videos in the category per month. In one month, only the most recent posts are displayed with a big interface accompanied by descriptions. Intended for readers who want to open it once a month.

Untitled 7

Thus I concluded “Trend Insight” show nothing more than videos and photos, this blog should be developed further through innovation in the delivery of information for readers with a packed through (for example): Motion Graphic, Animation, and other stuff.


Author: Muhammad Naufal Aflah / NIM 19010115

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