Resume Paper; 30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012

Based on my analysis on this website. This website is a source of information for beginners who will start business insight and knowledge comes through the menu bar that always updated, interesting, and complete.

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In this website, there are several menu bars that appear to be accessed, namely:


Each of which has its own display method and individual information with a variety of functions to help you start a business. But now, we are focus on NEWS & TRENDS and I will show the resume about what I have learn and get from this website.

THE RESUME PAPER ; “Social Media Becomes Number One”

Social media has become the trend of 2012 in the business cycle. One of the websites in the U.S. media said that social media occupies number 1 in online activities. It is proved that social media has a great influence in online activities, including in business and jobs. Social media for hiring, more than 80 percent of surveyed HR professionals said they are using social networks to help them recruit candidates.

How did that happen? According to an article titled “How Social Media Can Be Good For Employmeent” a social media can be reduced unemployment. It makes easier for job seekers or job hunter to access links by social media that are given to know about companies that do hiring. There are also several advantages that are described from an article described by Sajjad Masud Co-Founder and CEO of Simplicant about the hiring system through social media;

  1. Easier Candidate Communication
  2. Better Referrals
  3. Effective Job Marketing
  4. Creative Hires
  5. Modern Day Reference Checking

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