Blog Review; Creative Something

“Creative ideas and inspiration”


“Creative Something” is a blog that first I saw it, the words come into my mind to describe this blog was Simple

According to the creator of something creative blog, this blog is place for the initiators of creative ideas to share creativity with people. From this blog, people are not just reading a series of ideas about the latest innovations and trends. This blog also increases brain stimulants for the source of inspiration in making something, finding something, even creating something. In accordance with the tagline “Creative ideas and inspiration”, this blog is a place to channel ideas and find inspiration. In addition, this blog is also shown with a simple interface making it easier for the reader fulfilled with an image that supports this blog is become increasingly attractive.

There are several menus in this blog; Subscribe, Random, About, and Creative APP



Subscribe menu has different interfaces that give content to be displayed on the main page when this blog opened or accessed.



Random will display posts about ideas or inspiration randomly and will continue to change the preview page every time you click random menu.



About is a menu that displays the biography and the creator reasons behind making the blog that become a place of ideas and inspiration.
Creative APP
Creative APP provides an explanation of the application Oflow. It is an app of more than 120 tips for having ideas and being more creative. Explore all the tips, bookmark your favorites, keep track of ideas and notes right from your iPhone or iPad.
“A real jump start from way outside the box to spark the creative mind.”
“Such a useful, well-designed resource.”
Author: Muhammad Naufal Aflah / 19010115

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