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How to Enhance Creativity in School Children

Nowadays, children in school have difficulty in cultivating or increasing creativity because it is still vulnerable affected by the surrounding environment. Parents are also responsible for finding common ground or a right way to foster creativity of children. that serve students in school well from their formative years all the way through completing a digital arts program. Not only parents, but teachers can also use this tool as an alternative or a curriculum to teach children how to apply creativity as material for studying.

In the website, there are several examples of the digital arts program that can be applied to children learning enhances creativity;

Word Games


Word games are a great way to encourage creative thinking because it allows children to make connections and establish relationships between different words.

Visual Thinking Games



Games that employ the use of visual thinking are great because they encourage visualization and the use of imagination—two important aspects of thinking creatively.

Drawing Games



Certain types of drawing games can help students build on existing concepts, knowledge and ideas, another key aspect of creativity.The children can do this in groups, pairs or as individuals. Ask the children to select a set number of their drawings and build a story around the images. Afterwards, everyone can share their stories.

Teaching Tips to Enhance Creativity



Besides utilizing specific games, you can enhance creativity through the way you teach and interact with your students. Asking certain types of questions during lessons is also a great way to get their imaginations churning. Encourage group collaboration as much as possible; this is an important skill that will serve them well later in life.

Closing Thoughts


Encouraging creativity in students will not only serve them well while they are in school, it will help them develop skills that will serve them well as adults.


Author: Muhammad Naufal Aflah / 19010115


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