Resume Paper Work; Creative Opera


A Blog for Designers to Find Advice and Inspiration


Creative Opera is a blog for new designers, aspiring designers, and anyone who has a passion for design. 
All in all, I’m quite a nerd — but I try to enjoy life as much as I can.
-Manda Szewczyk



This paper will talk about

80+ Must-Read Design Blogs to Enhance your Creativity and your Career

I think creative opera is the website that provides inspiration for designers with list of creative blog selected. My first impression when i saw this blog is interesting, unique, colorful, with an interface that I think out of the box. 

There are hundreds of design blogs online. I have thoughtfully chosen over 80 of my absolute favorites for this must-read list and have categorized them for easy navigation. Which do you like best?



In addition, the creative opera website has about 80 inspirational blog for designers also provide facilities to the browser to provide a response in the form of comments, feedback, suggestions, , opinions, and whatever the expression when opening or accessing creative opera. It can build creativity and innovation for the creative opera to develop creative ideas in updating the website which become the source of inspiration.Image


Author: Muhammad Naufal Aflah / 19010115




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